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"You must be the change you want to see in the world."


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Imagine a place where...

  • "Welcome" is the word on the mat
       at the door... and the pervasive
           feeling throughout,

  • Massage and healing techniques are
       taught as ways to "ripple-out" and
           change the world,

  • Learning, acceptance, compassion,
        and service are the basis of our
           professional theory...
             and our way of life.                                    Deb Elliott imagined such a place.
Can You imagine...
  • Learning to help others while helping yourself?
  • Changing your career AND changing your life?
  • Can YOU imagine...       being a part of this place?

    Founded in 1996, we have the longest running massage school in central Iowa. Classes are mostly in the evening, full-time OR part-time and with or without Saturdays, to easily fit into the lives of working adults. Our program is designed to provide the highest quality solid foundation with an emphasis on excellence, professionalism and your success while also being both flexible and affordable.

    We also offer other professional and personal development classes and sessions.

    The Center is the vision of our Owner, Founder, Director: Deb Elliott RN, BS, LMT. A nurse since the early 80ís, Deb has dedicated her life to self-discovery and sharing her vision and sense of community with others and, simply... to "ripple out" and make a real difference in the world.

    Our 7,200 square foot space is comfortable and beautifully arranged with fountains, pleasant lighting, nature sounds, and relaxing musicÖ with attention to detail and meaning throughout.

    Private Tours
    This has long been a place for me to share my passion for learning and growing.
    Iím excited to share it with you, too.
    Feel free to "look around" our website and call me for a personal tour.
    You can reach me directly at (515) 277-2126, ext. 102
    I look forward to talking with you soon!
                                  Deb Elliott RN, BS, LMT
                                  Owner/ Founder / Director



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