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Massage Therapy Program:  

 Classes for new students in the part-time evening massage program 
start nearly every month. Call
us at (515) 277-2126 for a 
personal tour and more information.

Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT) Seminars:

Head and Neck      January 13-15, 2012     (19 hrs credit)   $395
Form and Function   March 10-11, 2012     (16 hrs credit)   $295

Neural Mobilization        June 16-17, 2012     (16 hrs credit)   $295 
The Spine and Thorax   September 14-16, 2012     (19 hrs credit)   $395
 Upper Extremity   November 9-11, 2012     (19 hrs credit)   $395

For detailed information about PNMT,
go to or call (866) 325-7668.

Reiki Classes:  

 There are Reiki classes scheduled on an on-going basis.
Reiki 1 class is being planned for two Saturday afternoons (1:00 -5:00 pm) this spring.
Dates to be announced.  Call Deb Elliott at (515) 277-2126 ext.102 for details.  

For information related to the calendar of events,
call us at (515) 277-2126.



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